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  1. What is AudiblePlayer
  2. Installing AudiblePlayer
  3. Navigating between Audio Programs
  4. Navigating within Audio Programs
  5. Storage Cards
  6. Audible Commands

What is Audible?

Audible® (®) is a service that of audio content download and playback on personal computers, CD, or AudibleReady® computer-based mobile devices.

You can now enjoy daily audio subscriptions of national newspapers, weekly business and science magazines, and more than 6,000 audiobooks available at®.

The AudiblePlayer for Pocket PC lets you listen to pre-recorded audio books, time-shifted radio programs, audio magazines and newspapers as well as a whole variety of other spoken word audio programs on your PAC Mate Pocket PC.

Installing AudiblePlayer

Ensure that ActiveSync is installed on your desktop computer, and that the PAC Mate is connected to your computer with either a standard or guest partnership. On your PC, go to and select the Audible Manager link to download the AudiblePlayer software for Pocket PC.

To view the list of commands available for AudiblePlayer, please go to Appendix A: PAC Mate Commands

Navigating between Audio Programs

AudiblePlayer will automatically play the programs on your Pocket PC in alphabetical order. You may select other programs in one of two ways.

If you would like to select from a list of all available audio programs on your Pocket PC, simply open the File menu and press DOT 8 on Select Audio Program. The audio program currently selected is highlighted. You can use the arrow keys to make your selection and then press DOT 8 to start the selection. The playback position of the last audio program is automatically saved for future use.

Navigating within Audio Programs

It is easy to navigate within an audio program. There are several commands for fast Forward and Rewind. You can also skip by sections using P CHORD, F CHORD or P CHORD, R CHORD for the previous section.

For more precise navigation, you may use the any of the commands available for AudiblePlayer.

Once you have set a bookmark and brought up the bookmark list, you then use the up an down arrow keys to select the bookmark you want and then follow with DOT 8 to begin playback from that point.

Storage Cards

For long audio programs, you can place audio on a storage card using AudibleManager. The AudiblePlayer will present a consolidated list of your Audio programs, whether it is stored on Main Memory or the Storage Card.

The online help that comes with AudiblePlayer is very comprehensive and easily explains all features of this program. To open AudiblePlayer Help, open the program, press F4 and select Help from the Start Menu.