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NMSBVI Access to Low Vision Clinics
and Services


Our purpose: To help children and youth with low vision see the best that they can see.

Children and youth with low vision have difficulty doing some things at school and home because their vision is not perfect and cannot be corrected with regular eyeglasses.


What is Low Vision?
A person is said to have low vision when:
    ...the individual has a loss of vision that cannot be corrected to normal by regular eyeglasses
    or contact lenses,
    ...the vision loss is severe enough to interfere with the individualís ability to perform visual tasks
    of learning or day-to-day activities,
    ...the vision loss might range from mild to severe, but the individual has some level
    of functionally useful vision.


What can we do to help someone who has low vision?
For most individuals with low vision, their ability to accomplish visual tasks can be enhanced with the use of compensatory visual strategies, optical and nonoptical devices, assistive technology, and other environmental modifications.

Students with low vision should receive a clinical low vision evaluation from a Low Vision Specialist, an eye doctor who has special training in evaluating and treating individuals with low vision. NMSBVI provides this type of evaluation for students with low vision in New Mexico, through the Access to Learning Low Vision Clinics and follow-up services, at no cost to families or school districts. 



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