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Staff Events

Alamogordo Campus Staff Events
Prosthetics Clinic - November 7th
Columbus Day - October, 9th
Blood Drive - Wednesday, October 18th
Veterans Day - Thursday, November 9th
Leadership Breakfast - November 3rd
Albuquerque Campus Staff Events
Community Mtg.- 1st Wednesday each month
Vision Class - 2nd Wednesday each month
Braille Class - Wednesdays (8-9 a.m.)
American Sign Language Class 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month.
Every Monday & Thursday- Zumba in Sage Room

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Important Information

Office of Human Resources

Staff Handbook
Acknowledgement Form

Staff Transportation Handbook



Campus Safety & Security Contact List

Alamogordo Residential Campus Safety & Security Coordinator
Randy Puryear at x4417

Alamogordo Residential Campus Night Security
Desmond Lanham at x4497 or (575) 430-3760

Albuquerque ECP Campus Safety & Security Coordinator
Tammy Woelfel at x3075

Campus Safety Information can be viewed by Staff from the General Forms Directory at each campus

Reporting Suspected Abuse

Technology Services

IS&T Contact List

IS&T Dept. Director
Rob Cuatt at x4461

Steve Harris at x4450
Trevor Twite at x4416
Tammy Woelfel (ECP Campus) at x3075

Records Mgmt
Lesa Richardson at x4483

Print Production & Web Services
John Tatum at x4439

IS&T Information

Technology Plan
Records Management Information

Audio/Visual & Graphics Services

Audio & Visual - Photography, yearbook, social media, sound
Carla Gonzales at x4460
Supervisor - Brenda Holmes

Graphic Design - Graphic Design services, PR & collateral material
Joanna Bradley
Supervisor - Julie Johnson

Board of Regents

2017-2018 Board Meeting Schedule