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March Week 1

Teen Reader


“Araby” (1914)

“Araby” Text Version

“Araby” Audio Version

James Joyce 

James Joyce (born February 2, 1882, Dublin, Ireland—died January 13, 1941, Zürich, Switzerland) Irish novelist noted for his experimental use of language and exploration of new literary methods in such large works of fiction as Ulysses (1922) and Finnegans Wake (1939).

 “Araby” Discussion Questions

What is the nature of the boy's relationship with Mangan's sister? How does he describe his feelings toward her?


What is the role of the uncle in this story and how does he affect the boy’s wishes and feelings?

What striking images help you understand the boy’s feelings? What images give his devotion a quasi-­religious quality?

What are the chief qualities of the narrator’s character?

What does Araby symbolize to the boy? Why does he go there, and what does he seem to think he will be able to accomplish as a result?


Describe the boy's shopping experience at Araby. How is the motif of the quest used in the story?


Where's the epiphany in the story? What does the boy realize about himself? Is anything gained by the narrator through his frustration and humiliation?

Easy Reader

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The Story of St. Patrick’s Day

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